Abstract Art

This one has a neat story.  We make electronic modules for the automotive industry where I work.  One day, our quality guy came in with this flat cardboard piece that had silicone stains neatly spaced out (the dark spots you see in the painting).  This silicone apparently wasn’t dry when we packed the modules, and it leaked out on to the cardboard separating the layers of modules in the box.  The problem was that a set of dipswitches wasn’t set correctly in the curing lamp, so I’ve named this one “Dipswitches”.  I started painting around the silicone stains, and it just evolved from there.



One thought on “Abstract Art

  1. tercero

    perhaps they are alien syringes- perhaps multi colored dildos- perhaps their is an asian or hindu vibe at the top or perhaps they’re tutifruti shit sticks, WHO KNOWS ITS ABSTRACT¡¡¡¡keeepituppppppp like an erection.


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