Pastel Drawing

This was my first ever soft pastel piece.  I enjoyed this one.  It started out with just the bottle in the middle of the page.  Not very interesting, so I added the dressing around it.  What to do with the background?  Yellow seems to be a familiar choice for me, so yellow it was.  I was nervous about messing it up, but I’m happy with the colors I chose.  It feels very vibrant to me.

 Bottle done in pastel


2 thoughts on “Pastel Drawing

  1. Ed

    honestly it looks a little like a…. well Im not gonna say it out loud,… but good technique, I might blend the pastels a little more if youre not afraid to get your fingetips a little dirty…

  2. Wendy B.

    My oldest girl says this one is a bottle surrounded by tennis shoes. I’m afraid I don’t get this one. It looks sort of like the bottle is being glorified?


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