Oil Pastel

I had done one oil pastel prior to this one, and I love the medium.  My logo on WordPress is a saturated close up of the “walk” symbol you see at stop signs.  This painting was modeled after that, but I wanted to saturate it even further.  I love the feeling I get from looking at this.  It was a fun piece to do – almost therapeutic.  The two orange dots were afterthoughts, and don’t have any special reason for being there, although they do seem to be in two of the seven Chakra locations.

Oil Pastel


2 thoughts on “Oil Pastel

  1. msayers Post author

    Those were the last things that were done to this painting. It was like putting periods on the ends of sentences for me. Don’t know why. These could be two of the seven Chakras, but I couldn’t tell you why I picked these two in particular.


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