New Art

This is something I did with acrylic on acrylic paper.  It developed on it’s own, meaning I had no plan for it when I started… it just kind of evolved, I guess.  Some folks have guessed flowers, some fireworks.  Actually it all started out with that red-yellow sphere at the bottom, and I started filling the page up from there.  The Mondrian-esque squares were put in to fill space because it all looked so unbalanced.  The finishing touches were the sets of red, white, blue, and yellow dots peppered around the periphery.  They were put in to break up the squares a bit – plus I didn’t want to seem to be copying Mondrian (too late, I know).


3 thoughts on “New Art

  1. Wendy B.

    Love the color mix on this one. I know it’s flowers, but it almost looks like a fireworks show somewhere in Texas. The squares remind me of the TX flag for some reason.


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